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Almost back! +Patreon

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 10:40 PM
Edit! I have set up a Patreon account now!

Because I'm SUPER ORIGINAL, the page is tagged to the 'tazsaints' username as I never use any other name if I can help it. XD The Patreon page is set up for the BRBK comic, but support will be spread between all the projects I'm a part of (eg BFOI, Beyond, etc). 

I'll be working on getting some wallpapers and wippy things as soon as possible to fill out the rewards area, and if you have any other pledge suggestions, please let me know! I'm definitely open to suggestions (especially since I have no idea what you guys would really want!) ~

/edit ~

As a few of you might've known from either my ATT Tumblr, or though updates in my groups, my laptop decided to completely up and die on me pretty much a month ago now.

I won't lie, it's been a very frustrating and upsetting few weeks trying to sort it out.

But we're about 50/50 back in business - The good news is that the old machine has been upgraded/repaired, and I've got it back just this week with all new insides, all new-OS, pretty much up-to-date everything software-wise, and it's like having a new machine for about a third of the price. 
The bad news is that I've still no word on whether my data can be recovered (it's currently with the only people in the country that can attempt it, and if successful, they're also really expensive oTL), and the longer this drags out, the more I lose hope on getting things back. For the record, I've already been lectured by dozens of people about maintaining better back ups, so please spare me that part of the discussion. |D It's not going to change the past, sadly.

Anywho, 'new' machine, but no data, thus the 'almost back' update. I want to wait to find out the fate of my data before I finalise the situation. |'D So my groups and BRBK shall remain on hiatus a wee bit longer as I continue to sort myself out.

What I DO want to do however, is thank the people who spread the word about my situation, or even dropped a kind comment to let me know they understood the problem and to not stress about it. I'd like to thank those who have commissioned me, for their patience during this sudden/unannounced hiatus, and I'd like to especially thank the people who donated funds to me as well. Your generosity and support has been very humbling and I appreciate being able to get my machine revived with your help. 

With a rather cost-effective solution (relatively speaking) to the laptop machine, there is some funding left over from your donations, and I'd like to keep things open and let you know that it's not going to waste. With the support I've received from you all, I'm going to put it back into the community. So prizes for the hardworking members of the BFOIY2 firstly, and then working to improve the BRBK comic and improve other groups I'm involved with.

With all the support I have received recently, it's been suggested by a few people now that I should open up a Patreon account - I would like to know your opinions on this? I think I would primarily open it up for the BRBK Comic, but I am definitely open to suggestions - What would you want to see from me, what rewards would you want from it, etc etc?? 

That's all the update I have for the moment, I'll update this journal again once I know the fate of my data ~ 

Thank you again for your patience and your support.

Commish Board by tazsaints BRB Kalos! by tazsaints 
Commission & Donation

I'll leave the commission and donation info here in this journal, for those who still wish to support me in this way, and my Paypal account is attached to ~

For Commissions, that's pretty simple - If you would like me to draw you a pic, then the prices are there, and away we go ~ And while I won't stop you, I'd like to request that the commish not be too huge, so that I can actually complete them, and that other people aren't left waiting forever for their requests.

The Donation incentive is a little bit different; for every cumulative NZD$20 (and this doesn't count Commish, sorry!), Abby (LucarioGirl4Ever) and I will post the next part of the 'Be Right Back, Kalos!' (aka BRBK) comic daily, instead of weekly until we have caught up with your donations. 

BRBK is still in hiatus at the moment, but I am logging every week missed as a Hiatus Post, and every $20 received still logs a Donation Post as well, so we have quite the queue stacked up, hahaha. :'D We'll be in Arc Two in no time at this rate! xD

BRBK Queue Status:

Hiatus Posts: x7
Donation Posts: x15

Total Posts (Queued/Completed) : 22/00 

:'D Abby and I are in for a crazy couple of weeks when we get this comic rolling again. But I am glad you're all enjoying the story enough so far to want more of it! I really enjoy seeing the little comments that get left on Tumblr when a post goes live, but I'm also curious to see what speculations you guys have on the story, so feel free to throw headcanons at us too! XD

:iconlucariogirl4ever: :iconkuurokaze: :icondia-phantom: :iconkleptoid: :iconlink2262: :iconlockerdown3: :iconjeazard:   
I'm sorry if the last few icons don't show up! I have no idea how fix the code when it's already correct?! 

Please let me know who are (Your DA Username) if you're donating directly to Paypal, so that I can, at the very least, thank you here!! <33


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