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Doesn't Answer Group Questions
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News + Art/OCT Status + FAQ

Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2015, 1:18 AM
UPDATE 17/01/16:
WELP! Back from Aussie! And what a bloody good trip it was 8D Loved it to bits and Kuurokaze was a wonderful host, thank you very much. :heart::heart::heart:
Arriving home was a slightly different story however, as I found I was without net for a week, so apologies for the sudden radio silence and not being able to get the last two Y2 closing pages up. They'll be up tomorrow and then I can finally get onto sorting out the new layout for BFOI, among other exciting things 8D 

After not being able to get to drawing in just a little over a week though, I'm going to warm back up with a new iD pic first, so don't panic seeing that - BFOI will continue to follow ~ 

Starting up again this year will be BFOI admin hanging out in the group's DA Chatroom once more on a more regular basis, so the old regulars are all invited back, as are new faces to hang out with. We'd love to see the chatroom regain its old status as a fun and constant hangout for the Trainers and Rangers of the BFOI (and by extension, Residents from BtGS too!), so drop by tomorrow sometime if you like. The link for the chatroom is available on BFOI's frontpage. 83

And that's about all I can think of for now, I'll see you all as time goes on!


OCT Status Tracker

My Currently Run and Competing groups areeeeee:

:iconbattle-frontier: BFOI Y2 - Taz and Daven by tazsaints Recent Sub: Y2R8 Intro 01 by tazsaints 
Position: Head Admin
Current Status: Y2 Finale Active, Prepping for Y2 Close/Y3 Launch

:iconbeyondthegreatsea: KC Trina Sancta by tazsaints Recent Sub: Trina's Nightmare by tazsaints 
Position: Head Admin
Current Status: Slowly Working into Next Story/Event

:iconapollometropolis: Apollo - Tyrone Kohen-Saints by tazsaints Recent Sub:ApR3 - Solar Flare - 01 by tazsaints 
Position: Competing Member
Current Status: Pass by default - Waiting on R4

Blue, and his H2R1 entry has been pulled from Hyperion due to H2's Hiatus and potentially upcoming closure of the group.

Artist FAQ

Commissions are currently: OPEN TO SKETCHES ONLY

A: WHEN I FREAKING GET TO IT 8U I'm a terrible procrastinator, haven't you figured that out yet? |'D
Some comics, in particular, old OCT rounds that have long since finished, will not be added to if they've been cut off abruptly. I do not own the rights to use any opposing characters, especially when it's years after the fact. 

:new: Q: Why do your two groups keep switching between hiatuses?
A: Because life requires money to obtain food, shelter, power and internet, and money comes from working a full time job 40+ hours a week. BFOI and BtGS each require on top of that roughly 20+ hours a week to maintain at full steam all the time, and that is not humanly possible for me. My own well being takes precedence over anything in the group at all times. While I always make efforts to work as fast and as much as I can, this does often lead to delays in work coming out. This applies to everyone in both of my teams, as they are all very hard workers or in full time study and in much the same position as I am.

Q: Why don't you reply to every single comment? Do you think you're better than us or something?
A: What? No. Jeezus. I don't reply much because I don't need to have the last word in every single conversation, nor am I the type to reply/comment if I have nothing to add to what's already been said. Not to mention, Pkmn fans can get a bit weird at times, and some outright obsessive, demanding to tell me all about their metagame mons that can apparently kick my ass (here's a hint: IDGAF). I don't hate you people, I just prefer to go about dA more quietly than most.

Q: 'You should hurry up and draw ____!' 
A: Do NOT nag me for comic updates because such statements almost always have the opposite intended effect. 

Q: Can I draw your characters?
A: There's a couple of answers to this;
- As Cameos or part of an OCT round, Yes, go ahead. By joining an OCT, you are giving permission for your character to be drawn within context of that group, and my characters are no exception to that. 
- General fanart or giftart, Yes, I'm always happy to receive it. I'm flattered that people would spend time and effort on me outside of OCTs (where really, you're only drawing other's OCs because you have to :'D).
My only 'condition' is that you try to keep my OC's as in-character as is possible. I've seen some tragically bad interpretations of Taz/Ty over the last year, so I'll just remind people that they are not a textbook anger-management case, they're actually a very defensive person with a lot of past trauma. Anger is a secondary emotion, meaning, that to become angry, they had to be upset by something first.

HOWEVER - If you've been blocked from my account, then NO, you do not have permission to draw my characters. If I've blocked you, then I have my reasons for doing so and I do not want to be involved with you in any way.

Q: What gear do you use? 
A: Mac Laptop, Photoshop CC, Intuos Tablet. Rarely draw on paper, unless it's to doodle absentmindedly, or plan out a complicated scene/layout.

Q: Can I be your friend?!?!
A: In all honesty, too many people have stabbed me in the back, so I don't open up to newcomers very easily anymore. If it's meant to happen, it will. Please don't try to force it. There's a wall there for a number of personal reasons.

Q: Do you roleplay?
A: Not really, no. I'm not that good at it due to my comic-writing (ie, I God-mod almost constantly without realising it), which makes it unenjoyable for both myself and the people who've somehow managed to drag me into it.

That's all I can think of, but if I get asked more stuff, I'll be sure to add it.

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