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Fundraising for New Laptop

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 1:33 AM
If that title alone hasn't scared you off, then please allow me to explain my situation.

Short Version: Laptop is dying, my last 'up-to-date' program had its support pulled this weekend, and I can no longer ignore the problems with my machine. Unfortunately, I can't update the software because the hardware's broken, and the whole thing is at the point where it's cheaper to buy a new machine than to fix it. And I need your help to replace it.

Long Version: For months, I've been dealing with errors, program crashes, system freezes and hardware failures on this laptop, but just kinda' ignored them and soldiered on, as the laptop still worked okay on the whole. But over the months, all of the internet has been pulling software support and updates for the stuff I use, one by one. This weekend just past, the final program, Skype of all bloody things, had its support pulled and soon I'll be barred from logging in unless I update. |D Most of my programs need updates badly, but nothing supports Mac OSX10.5 anymore.
To complicate matters, I can't update the OS, as the CD drive is utterly broken, barring a CD Install, and my only net option is University net, which blocks large downloads (for understandable reasons). Not that I think my hardware can handle an OS upgrade now anyway. :/ Even with 100gb space free for virtual memory, it can't handle Photoshop all that well as the RAM struggles to load large files, and Photoshop, along with every other program I use, experiences daily crashes now.

In other words, this laptop's well and truly screwed, and is dying. On the plus side, I have warning, but that's about the only plus, since replacing Apple products is never cheap. Between student loans and discounts, I can knock a fair whack off a new MacBook, but I'm still roughly about NZD$1700 out of pocket and need to raise the money before this thing packs up entirely.

I feel awful having to ask, but I need your help please. 

Commish Board by tazsaints BRB Kalos! by tazsaints
Commission & Donation

I've gone and revised my commission prices and made them more affordable/accessible to everyone, as well as organised a donation incentive for those who may not necessarily want bought art, but still want to help in some way.

For Commissions, that's pretty simple - If you would like me to draw you a pic, then the prices are there, and away we go ~ And while I won't stop you, I'd like to request that the commish not be too huge, so that A) I can actually complete them, B) I don't risk the laptop dying during them, C) Other people aren't left waiting forever for their requests.

The Donation incentive is a little bit different; for every cumulative NZD$20 (and this doesn't count Commish, sorry!), Abby (LucarioGirl4Ever) and I will post the next part of the 'Be Right Back, Kalos!' (aka BRBK) comic immediately, instead of waiting on next post date/our launch target (which was when we had completed 20 posts as a buffer). 

Fundraising Info & Breakdown

The only payment option I have open for international members is Paypal, which is attached to although NZ Residents can arrange Bank Transfers if that's easier, so Kiwis, please contact me via note if that's the better option for you.

Fundraising Status:


Total Raised: $1545 / $2650
Commish: -- $240
Donation: $255 -- +1 to Queue - Uploaded over at !!
My Contributions: $50
Student Loan: $1000 - This certainly makes the total look better, doesn't it? :'D 

As I raise a few dollars, be they my own, commish, donations or otherwise, I'll post a breakdown of everything here in this part of the journal, so both you and I can keep tabs on where everything's at.

:iconlucariogirl4ever: :iconkuurokaze: :iconsolidier: :iconkrysune: :iconkleptoid: :icontrainer-tad: :iconsilverfox442: :icontripletb18: :iconlink2262: :iconspastiktrevor: :iconsprtn:

Please let me know who are (Your DA Username) if you're donating directly to Paypal, so that I can, at the very least, thank you here!! <33

And finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read this all the way through, and thank you in advance to those who help out, be it commish, donations, or even just spreading the word around. 


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