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Heads Up On Group stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 8:23 PM
Hey all ~

You might've noticed that I've started posting a few bits and pieces for :iconbeyondthegreatsea: and this is just fair warning that there's about to be a bit of a dump of various parts and refs for the group between my account and SouthSeaMerchant (which is a neutral Admin account for BtGS).

Please bear with me as I get the goods up in the group and please, save your questions until the group is open. It does already have a comprehensive Rulebook and FAQ which answers a number of questions about the place, and the Racial Codexes (that will be up by day's end) will answer a lot more questions about the character creation for the group.

It's going to be a combination RP-Art Challenge group, with the group providing stories as events for people to partake in, but also offer RP and DnD-like Dungeon Crawls to shake things up a bit. No one needs to have played Wind Waker or any Legend of Zelda game to take part, but obviously, knowing the series will help a lot.
It's not going to be a prize-running group, instead celebrating creative art and writing for the sake of it, so it'll be a lot more relaxed and fun than BFOI. That said, it still has its own rules and guidelines to go by to stop the mary sues ruining the stories and make the table as fair as possible.

Thanks for your time, and if I happen to see you on the South Sea, then 'Hooooy! =w=/

And now onto a topic that's not as fun, and I'm going to warn you all that the following is a bit of a rant; if you read it and feel offended, then that's not my problem as you were warned and let's be honest, if you're upset by the truth, then you're likely to be part of the problem in the first place.

For those of you asking about the NRE over at :iconbattle-frontier:, for the love of Arceus, BE PATIENT.

For those people who think it's okay to criticise the admin, I'd like to damn well remind them that firstly, we run the BFOI at a LOSS, meaning we PAY to run it. We get nothing for doing any of this. And it's damn near a full-time job to operate the group and keep it going. Which brings me to the next point:

Second, we admin give up a LOT of free time for the group and many seem to forget that we have lives outside of the internet. While I won't divulge anything of the other admin without their permission, I can tell you that for myself, I am a full time university student and have to juggle between home life, work, study and art.

Third, we are short-staffed at the moment (and no, that is not a cue for people to start offering to fill positions), so naturally, any event takes longer to launch as the art division can only draw so much so fast, and the work never stops piling up. There is a shitload of work that gets done behind the scenes, and insulting and trivialising my team and the work we all put in doesn't make it go any faster, it usually ends up being the opposite as we don't particularly like working for people who can't say anything nice. Our workload in the group is roughly double the members, and I'm now starting to encourage the admin to take part in the rounds alongside you, which is pushing them more than I should be allowed to push anyone.

Fourth, on a personal note, I am a little sick of Pokémon, and need a break every so often, thus starting up BtGS (a change is as good as a break, they say). The art for that is much more fun and relaxing than any Pkmn pic has ever been, which is why I'm getting that group running inbetween BFOI workloads to spare myself going insane.

Long story short, we are only human, so give us a break already. I apologise for having to end the journal on such a sour note, but considering that this is my own space to vent and whatever, that's what I've done for a change instead of bottling it up. I try my hardest to be patient and not to take anything out on group members, but sometimes, people can be really fucking good at pissing me off. So perhaps going public with my frustrations is what we need for once, and it's somewhat satisfying to get that off my chest.

But that's enough bitching for now, I've got work to do.

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 Hello there. How do you feel today?
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pst you should probably update the tumblr link to Blues blog on your page here, otherwise you get a bit of a surprise if you click on the link atm >__>
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Hey, not sure if you remember me? We used to talk all the time, think we met on bebo, but that site is now down, I never use msn anymore, couldn't find you on Facebook & the only other place I could think of to find you was on here!

we did a load of random trades on Pokemon on ds, mostly you helping me out, as I never had anything rare enough for you! 

If you get this please get back to me one way or another! as theres something I'd like to ask you, not art related, only pokemon on the mind atm! x
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