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September 7, 2013
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BFOI Spectator Application Sheet by tazsaints BFOI Spectator Application Sheet by tazsaints
The People Stuck in the Middle - These folks are just on the islands to have a good time. Wayward holidaymakers, locals and relatives of people working either in Valkyrie or Initiative.
Please note - everyone is allowed up to 2 Spectator forms in addition to a application sheet. However, spectators can not enter into main rounds


Trainer Section:
:bulletblue: The Main body of the App form MUST feature one of the following two options: A front and back shot OR two alternate outfits.
:bulletblue: Full body shots are a must! If you 'forget' to draw certain body parts on the form (such as feet) then anyone drawing your Trainer has full rights to draw the missing pieces in Rainbow Fashion.
:bulletblue: Trainers must be a minimum of Age 10, although it's recommended to have them older than this, due to the nature of Y2 events.
:bulletblue: Trainer Home Towns MUST be from a canon place in the Anime or Games, the only exception to this rule is the Ohana Islands.
:bulletblue: The 'About' section on the app is meant to be a brief summary, if you need to write a novel, do so in the artist comments below the app.
:bulletblue: Any Anthro/Gijinka Trainers MUST be based on Pokemon (and only one pokemon at that).
:bulletblue: Shapeshifters are restricted to a MAX of ONE alternate form, and MUST include full ref of the Alt Form.

Pokemon Section:
:bulletorange: All Pokemon must be recognisable from their mugshots. If we cannot tell what it is, then it will not be accepted.
:bulletorange: You are allowed ONE pet pokemon. This pokemon CAN NOT be used in main contest events. Pet 'mon can be a pokemon at first or second stage evolutions only.
:bulletorange: Levels and items are not required.
:bulletorange: ALL moves must be legally obtainable within the games. This includes breeding and event Pkmn (such as Surfing Pikachu). However, you cannot combine event-only moves (eg: you cannot have a Pikachu with BOTH Fly & Surf).
:bulletorange: Dream World abilities ARE allowed in Y2.
:bulletorange: Colour Variations allowed are Normal, Shiny, Pinkan, Albino & Melano. Anything outside of these colour ranges or used incorrectly (such as 'half' albino) will not be accepted.

Misc Application Rules:
:bulletgreen: It goes without saying, but ALL art must be new, and your own work.
:bulletgreen: You are NOT allowed to change the header, the base colours or alter the shape of these apps in any way. They are made as such so that they are easily identifiable even as a thumbnail.
:bulletgreen: You may insert a background in the blank space of the Trainer Area, however.
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