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R6 Ref - Priest/Angel Combo by tazsaints R6 Ref - Priest/Angel Combo by tazsaints

All things considered, Daven's doing pretty pretty well for a guy that had half a building dropped on him, and then went straight into holding a Mega-Evo as soon as he was dug out. :'D

Notes for the pair: 

 - Despite having a bit of Mila's Super Luck handy, he's still been hurt. Two large cuts are giving him grief, upper right arm, and mid-right back, where a chunk of metal had pressed down on him in the rubble. With the extra load of Mega Evo now draining him, he may be slightly woozy now and again.
 - While this is Gen's first time successfully going Mega, the drain on Daven is minimal, as their bond is strong, and they both have a common interest in their love for Ty. 
 - He's not wearing his gloves (tucked into his belt at the back), nor using his Styler. There's no wild pkmn here he can interact with at all. Ty's Mega Bracelet has been clipped onto his belt, and that's the Key Stone he's used here, mostly symbolically. 

 - Her design is feathery, to evoke an angelic feeling. If getting confused on the amount of feathers on each part, remember lucky number seven. The boob-knives thing I've turned into more a breatplate/bra, which is heart shaped on the back. Under the heart on her back, the poof of feather at the base of her base is meant to look similar to a small bow/ribbon. The helm is down over the eyes, much like her boy, Gervaise.
 - Reminder that she's physically mute, and speaks via Psychic.
 - Ranger Assist: Healing lvl 1
 - Trainer Moveset: Psychic / Moonblast / Thunderbolt / Shadow Ball

Fun Fact: 'Kohen' means 'Priest', Gens Mega is based on an Angel, and Ty's surname was 'Saints'. They're really a holy combo. :'D

Daven & Mega-Gen
LucarioGirl4Ever Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist
I still can't get over how kickass this design is. <333
Eeeviee Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow this is gorgeous. I'm not entirely comfy with the whole Ghost thing goin on, but Gen kinda helps make up for it
trusslark Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I am in love with Gen's design plz just redesign all the pokemon yeah???
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