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The Ohana Islands by tazsaints The Ohana Islands by tazsaints
Map reposted with permission from the Cartographer

Located directly between Kanto and Unova, the Ohana Islands are home to the #Battle-Frontier; where many seasoned trainers come to test their skills.

Allotrope Island

Allotrope is the most recently explored island and much is still being discovered. Due to the disappearance of Ohana's official surveyor many trainers are taking it upon themselves to explore previously untouched areas.
The Pkmn Ranger HQ is located in Squirtle Bay City, and they have a second base in Diamond City in the Initiative Tower.

Myth, Lone, Black & Unity Island

Myth Island is the place to go for some fun and relaxation in the sun. The Ranger's have a base in Keyhole City.

Lone Island is currently abandoned, with the old Plumeria Lab Complex off-limits to the Public.

Black Island is still used as a training ground, primarily by the Initiative Leader, Taz Saints.

Unity Island and the Mahalo sanctuary are neutral ground, and mostly uninhabited. The Ranger's have a small base at the entrance to the Mahalo Sanctuary.

Ohana Island, aka the 'Big Island'

Currently rebuilding of the major cities on Ohana Island due to events over the last month mean there is little for anyone other than construction workers and contractors. It is hoped the island will be back up and running at one hundred percent soon.
The Pkmn Rangers have a base in Valkyrie's complex, allowing them to oversee the Pokémon of the Big Island.
DaybreakM Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hawaii! Very nice representation of it!
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