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Story Index 01 by tazsaints Story Index 01 by tazsaints
Here we have the title cards for five of the dozen or so shortish stories I've been wanting to tell for a long while -- My only problem, is which one to do first? Which is where I'm leaving that up to you readers -- Have a read through the story blurbs for each title, and then cast your vote on what catches your interest most ~

Update 01/07/17: Voting on story order has now closed - Thanks to all who voted! The story selector has now been updated as a story index, and all stories will be linked here as they're done.

:bulletwhite: Story 01: Icebound follows the adventures of a bright-eyed Pkmn Trainer, filled with youthful determination to beat the E4 of Kalos, and maybe save the day a few times along the way too, so that one day everyone will know his name; He is Future Kalos Champion Franz Moraine!


:bulletred: Story 02: In Pkmn Ranger & the Temple of the Colossus, Regional Prof Tyrone Saints is thrilled to receive clearance to explore Atavista Island, a place normally forbidden to all, and full of unknowns because of it. Things go south when uninvited guests show up and soon Ty is the only thing standing between the Rangers, the Temple, and those only out to plunder its spoils.

:bulletpink: Story 03: At the request of a newly appointed Dragon's Den elder, Ty is called to participate in a ritual and Daven attends the event with him, taking advantage of the rare opportunity to see the fabled city of Blackthorn in full festival mode. Strange coincidences keep happening around Ty during the event however, and Daven finds himself trying to unravel a mystery - Are the elder's intentions indeed pure or has this become a Den of Lies?

:bulletblue: Story 04: After competing in a rather life changing Pkmn Tourney, Annon Bourke, better known as 'Blue', is Moving On with his life and finally getting the chance to just live life. And with the ragtag crew that makes up his courier company, Rapidash Express, constantly getting into trouble, that life is sure to be nothing short of interesting!

:bulletred: Story 05: Steadfast & Strong: The Trilogy, lets you follow the full story of the Hero Erlade through all three of their action-packed movies. 
Steadfast & Strong is the origin story, packed with enough Kaiju and giant robots to keep everyone satisfied - In The Frozen Invader, we not only meet an all-new villain, but several all-time heroes from the other Sentai series join the fight - And lastly, the Mutant Master challenges the very notion of what makes a hero a hero. 

Once all five of these stories are complete, a new index of stories will go up for everyone to vote on the order of -- In the meantime, I sincerely hope you enjoy the first batch of tales!
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March 14, 2017
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